Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Targeted Messaging

It is time that we step back, and take a look at the messages that we are targeted with, and start analyzing their content... their meaning... their directive.

For example, when is someone most likely to be telling us the truth?

A) When they are delivering a scripted address at a live press conference, or or some sort of recorded message (commercial, internet advertisment, etc.) in which they have carefully selected the language based on in-depth market research and / or polling data.


B) When they are in a room with like-minded individuals, and believe that the interaction is not being recorded, and will not be seen or heard at any point by anyone outside of said group of individuals.

It has long since been time to look into the processes behind the many messages that we are bombarded with each and every day. Maybe we should be a little bit more discriminatory about who we recieve information from, and what ends they are trying to accomplish.

Difficult? Maybe.

Vital? Probably.

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